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CNI IWI Holdings Limited


In 2007, the Central North Island Iwi Collective was formed to settle historical claims to forest lands, mostly in Kaingaroa forest. A collective of eight, they signed a final settlement with the Crown, which saw accumulated rentals and other settlement assets transferred to benefit all Collective members.

In September 2010, the CNI Iwi Holdings Limited (CNIIHL) engaged CO2 New Zealand to secure its allocation of pre-1990 New Zealand Units for its combined Treaty Settlement forested lands. In particular, CNIIHL needed help to: determine the ETS eligibility of the entire forest estate; map all eligible forest area that met the requirements of the MAF Mapping Standard; and ensure all NZ ETS administrative requirements were met to secure the maximum number of allocated NZUs.


CO2 New Zealand established communication between the collective and external forest management companies, to secure the maps, shape files and data needed to identify the forest/land parcels intended for the project.  Where maps were not available, or did not comply with MAF’s Mapping Standard, CO2 New Zealand secured high resolution aerial imagery (ortho-rectified) and related datasets (cadastral) to undertake the mapping project.

Between November 2010 and January 2011, CO2 New Zealand lodged 25 applications for allocation of pre-1990 NZUs with MAF on behalf of CNIIHL, with more than 176,000 hectares of total forest mapped across 25 sites. Through this activity, CO2 New Zealand not only assisted CNIIHL in maximizing its NZU entitlement, but were also able to create and provide CNIIHL with a number of mapping and imagery resources for their ongoing use.