About CO2 Australia

CO2 Australia is an environmental services company

Our roots are firmly planted in development and delivery of carbon projects and helping clients participate in, and benefit from, the ever-changing carbon market. We’ve led the market in carbon projects involving native regrowth and large scale reforestation. From planting trees to purchasing carbon credits, carbon is our pedigree.

But carbon is not all we do.

We’ve grown into one of Australia’s most experienced providers of major revegetation projects. Working across diverse landscapes and locations on projects like the 20 Million Trees Programme, our approach leads to high tree survival rates, engages community and helps clients meet environmental commitments cost effectively.

As leaders in environmental approvals for development and major infrastructure projects, our specialty is helping clients find, secure and manage biodiversity offsets that are approved and avoid costly delays. Our capability is built on real experience. As managers of the EIS for stage 1 of Australia’s most ambitious aquaculture development, the USD1.5 billion Project Sea Dragon has established us as a leading provider of environmental approval advisory services.

Our services include:

  • Carbon project development under the Emissions Reduction Fund.
  • Carbon offsetting solutions for organisations wanting to address their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Design and delivery of biodiverse, large-scale revegetation programs.
  • Development and implementation biodiversity offset programs.
  • Ecological surveying and monitoring programs.
  • Environmental approvals and environmental impact assessments.

With offices in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and the ACT, we have the demonstrated capacity to deliver projects Australia-wide.

We are here to help

We’re committed to creating value for our clients, now and in the future. Talk to us about the ways we can work for you.