Australia Pacific LNG Environmental Offset Strategy

We were engaged by Origin Energy (on behalf of Australia Pacific LNG) to assist in the development of an Environmental Offset Strategy to document the framework in which Australia Pacific LNG will find, establish and manage offsets for the Australia Pacific LNG Project and how it will address State and Commonwealth approval conditions relating to offsets.

The Environmental Offset Strategy was designed to provide large strategic offset sites thereby providing a cost effective solution to acquitting offset requirements when compared to smaller sites that directly offset each individual value.

We also developed and delivered a marine and a terrestrial offsets package for the project, which involved complex spatial analysis of potential offset sites, negotiations with landholders and government agencies, detailed field assessments and legally securing the offsets required.

Delivery of the terrestrial offset package also included preparation EPBC Act offset assessment guides and development of offset area management plans for four large offset sites; all of which have been approved by Queensland and Commonwealth Governments.

We have also designed and implemented a reporting framework that provides a reconciliation of offsets against actual disturbance, in accordance with approval conditions.