Australia’s first carbon neutral government

When we look for businesses with who we can partner to reduce our carbon footprint, the City of Sydney chooses organisations that are accredited to the highest standards available, provide permanent and verified reductions in emissions at a competitive price and offer additional benefits, such as supporting Australian farmers and regional communities. CO2 Australia satisfied all of these criteria.

Nik Midlam, Manager Environmental StrategyCity of Sydney

The City of Sydney engaged CO2 Australia help them achieve their ambitious target of becoming Australia’s first carbon neutral government.

Not only is the City of Sydney home to Australia’s thriving commercial, financial and cultural hub, it also leads the way on environmental sustainability issues. By doing so it sets a future direction for the numerous councils, businesses and residents living within the city limits.

All community members share a responsibility to conserve energy, minimise air pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The City of Sydney aimed to save energy across buildings and transportation, encourage renewable energy usage, and reduce air pollution.

Despite the impressive work undertaken to reduce emissions, some remain unavoidable. This is where we stepped in to provide accredited carbon offsets, which enabled the City of Sydney to complete the final stage of their emissions mitigation process. We planted dedicated forest carbon sinks that enabled the City of Sydney to offset more than 3,500 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately achieve their goal of carbon neutrality.