Carbon Estate – Creating a better climate

In one of the first projects of its kind, CO2 Australia worked with the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council to revegetate hundreds of hectares of degraded agricultural land on its Barooga Karrai property, 60 kilometres west of Condobolin.

Tree species have been selected for drought, disease and fire tolerance and were successfully integrated into existing farming operations by planting trees in belts through cropping paddocks.

In addition to the biodiversity benefits achieved in the project, there have been major agricultural benefits. The tree belts work to protect crops from drying winds and keep groundwater low, reducing the risk of land salination.

The project employs local community members and operates under a revenue sharing agreement that delivers a share of all carbon credit sales to the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council.

In December 2017, CO2 Australia held a carbon measurement workshop in Barooga Karrai with local Aboriginal community members, including Skillset Land Works team members.

The workshop was an initiative between CO2 Australia and the Murrin Bridge Local Aboriginal Land Council (MBLALC). Accompanying the group and assisting on the day were representatives from the MBLALC, Central West Family Support Group (CWFSG), Griffith Aboriginal Medical Service, Down the Track Project, and the Grass Roots Project.

Following the success of the workshop, CO2 Australia subsequently contracted Skillset Workforce to assist with data collection for the property as well as other properties across the CO2 Australia carbon estate.

The Carbon Estate – Creating a Better Climate project is registered under the Australian Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund.