Carbon Advisory Services

Commercially savvy solutions for managing your organisation’s carbon emissions now and into the future

CO2 Australia can offer tailor-made commercial solutions for all businesses operating in emissions intensive industries in order to manage carbon liabilities. This includes reducing carbon liabilities through the use of cost effective carbon credit offsets, assessing carbon project feasibility, carbon scheme compliance management, data collection and reporting.

The scale of CO2 Australia and our position in the Australian market enables us to procure low cost and highly credible credits directly from project developers, which means a lower cost of delivery for our clients. We have a physical position in projects that generate eligible offsets under the National Carbon Offset Scheme, including Australian Carbon Credit Units.

CO2 Australia has an Australian Financial Services Licence that allows carbon related financial advice and trading and is therefore capable of also providing the following through direct relationships with project developers:

  • Certified Emissions Reductions from Clean Development Mechanism projects
  • Voluntary Emissions Reductions issued by the Gold Standard.
  • Verified Carbon Units issued by the Verified Carbon Standard.

On a broader scale, CO2 Australia designs, develops and manages greenhouse abatement projects, establishes carbon forests to secure an ongoing supply of carbon credits, and is forming long term carbon credit supply agreements and carbon trading solutions. A diversified business model.

We currently act an Emissions Reduction Fund agent on behalf of a range of large private and public organisations across a diverse range of industries. Our clients and partners can access our years of experience across all aspects of project establishment, compliance, emissions accounting, carbon credit production and sales, which provides for a quick and easy entry to carbon markets.

CO2 Group Financial Services Pty Ltd (ABN 92 142 542 774 AFSL 388086) has appointed the following related entities as authorised representatives: Carbon Banc Limited (CAR # 420080); CO2 Australia Limited (CAR # 420081) and Seafarms Group Limited (CAR # 420079). All entities are authorised to provide financial services to wholesale clients only.

We are here to help

If your business is affected by the ever evolving carbon and emissions legislation, contact us to find out more about managing your obligations and costs.