Cycad translocation and revegetation program

Since 2010, CO2 Australia has been working with Origin Energy on behalf of Australia Pacific LNG on the delivery of a major cycad (Cycas megacarpa) translocation and revegetation program, to meet the project’s State and Commonwealth approval conditions.

Cycas megacarpa is an endangered flora species endemic to south-east Queensland, which is threatened by habitat loss and illegal collection. Our program will see a major population of cycads re-established in the Callide Range, close to Biloela in central Queensland.

We have overseen the selection of a suitable recipient site which can accommodate the translocation of 300 plants from the distance site, as well as an additional 2,200 cycads sourced from our major in-nursey propagation program.

We are working closely with Origin Energy and local nurseries to facilitate planting, as well as managing a range of contractors to maintain and monitor the success of planted cycads. Translocations have recently commenced and plantings of the nursery-grown seedlings will be progressively rolled out from this year through until the end of 2018.