Ecological Assessments

We pride ourselves on providing environmental solutions that produce commercial results. We can work closely with you to tailor approaches that ensure your project not only meets the highest standards of technical and regulatory requirements, but is also delivered within the commercial practicalities of your operations.


  • Desktop assessments of ecological values
  • Flora and fauna habitat likelihood assessments
  • Rapid vegetation, habitat and site inspections
  • Bushfire hazard assessments
  • Koala habitat assessments
  • Design of field survey and monitoring programs
  • Preliminary identification of potential development constraints
  • Pre-lodgement and regulatory consultation


  • Flora and fauna baseline surveys
  • Targeted surveys for threatened species and ecological communities
  • Habitat and vegetation assessments
  • Habitat mapping for priority species
  • On-ground verification of vegetation and habitat mapping
  • Assessment of potential biodiversity offset sites


  • Threatened species management plans
  • Bushfire hazard management plans
  • Ecological assessment reports
  • Koala habitat management plans
  • Flora survey reports
  • Vegetation management plans
  • Property maps of assessable vegetation
  • Assessment of tree condition and health
  • Revegetation plans

We are here to help

Whether you require an environmental report to support your development approval or simply a desktop assessment of a site’s environmental values, we can assist you. Please contact us for advice.