Emissions Reduction Fund Projects

The Australian Government has committed $2.55 billion to the Emissions Reduction Fund. Through the Emissions Reduction Fund, Australian businesses and landholders can propose new projects using emissions reduction methods covering a broad range of activities, including managing regrowth vegetation.

CO2 Australia is one of Australia’s oldest developers and managers of emissions reduction projects. We have delivered projects under a range of domestic and international carbon crediting and trading schemes, including the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF), Carbon Farming Initiative, NSW Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme, Greenhouse Friendly Program, New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme, Verified Carbon Standard and Clean Development Mechanism.

As one of Australia’s pioneers when it comes to carbon market services, we have a series of landmark 20-50 year contracts in place with a range of large public and private organisations that in total are worth more than $110 million. Currently, we have hands‐on management responsibility for a significant number of afforestation and managed regrowth projects under the ERF, which are expected to generate over 10 million tonnes of abatement. To date, we have developed more than 26,400 hectares of dedicated carbon plantings in Australia.

How can we help you?

In addition to establishing and managing the actual carbon project on the ground, we will also:

  • evaluate proposed projects and establish the case for eligibility under the ERF
  • assist with estimating costs and revenues associated with establishing an ERF project
  • help evaluate the business case for the project
  • develop and submit project registration applications to the Clean Energy Regulator
  • undertake data collection, record keeping and emissions accounting
  • develop and submit offsets reports to the Clean Energy Regulator, so as to realise carbon credits
  • manage the ERF auction bidding process, including developing bidding strategies
  • manage audit and compliance processes.

For certain projects, we can offer a commercial arrangement that involves sharing some of the cost and project risk with project proponents. Under these arrangements, CO2 Australia can provide some, or all, of the above services at no charge, in exchange for a share in carbon credit sales revenue. In this way, your up-front costs are reduced and CO2 Australia is incentivised to achieve the best revenue outcome for you.

Are you a landholder interested in opportunities under the ERF?

We are here to help

Contact CO2 Australia to discuss how we can assist you to participate in the ERF.