Biodiversity Offsets

What’s a biodiversity offset?

A biodiversity offset is an area of land that is protected and managed for conservation purposes to counterbalance the unavoidable impacts that a development project has on the environment. To ensure environmental offsets deliver long-term benefits to the environment, they must be protected on property title and be actively managed. Management includes funds for weed and pest animal control, fencing and firebreak construction and fire regimes.

How do I know if my property is suitable?

Offsets can be secured on either part, or all, of your property. Your land may be eligible if it contains certain environmental values, such as threatened ecosystems or vegetation types, habitat for threatened wildlife, wetlands, or watercourses.

What are the benefits for landholders?

Project developers pay landholders to provide offsets on their land, providing a great way to realise value from parts of their property that don’t otherwise generate much income. The amount negotiated is often based on factors such as the offset size, the current use of the land, and its value.

Other benefits of becoming an offset provider include support and assistance to control feral animals and other environmental problems, protection of habitat for threatened species, and contributing to an increase in protected areas.

What’s involved in becoming an offset provider?

Landholders interested in becoming an offset provider can register with us at no cost and no obligation. We will then add you to our landholder database. If there is a match between your property and the offset needs of a developer we’ll contact you to arrange a visit to your property. During this visit we’ll conduct a preliminary assessment of your property, which may be followed by a more detailed assessment (including ecological surveys). You would not incur any costs for these assessments.

If your property is suitable – and you’re still interested – an offset agreement would then be negotiated between yourself and the developer. This agreement would include details of the financial payment/s to be made for providing the offset and how the offset area would be secured and managed to ensure its long-term protection.


If you’d like to find out more about becoming an offset provider, please contact us.